Got Cat Faced.

Few days ago, I was browsing the web and found out that there was a party called “Cat Face”. It made me curious; so, I looked into it. Basically, it’s a party where people danced around with cat faces on. It sounded so much fun! I had to call up my friends to go. Only one of my friends was able to make it that night, but we had a blast! The music was good, and everyone had his/her cat face on HAHA. I wish they did this more often 🙂 Here are some pictures.


If you draw a cat face, the cover is $5. If not, it’s $30. Just draw it. It’s more fun that way anyways.

IMG_20140530_014203 IMG_20140530_014235

Funny story: Later that night when I was driving back home, I totally forgot that I had a cat face on. Drivers were staring at me and was wondering why… Came home, looked in the mirror to wash off my makeup, and finally realized that I had a cat face HAHAHA. They probably thought I was weird, but WHO CARES. I HAD FUN.


My first run!

Good morning!! I feel amazing today 🙂 I began my day with a HIIT workout & a cup of espresso, brewed from my moka pot.

I spent the Memorial day weekend doing a run, which was my first run ever! It was just a fun 5K run (not timed) called “Run or Dye”. I had so much fun with my bestie, and we were splattered in colors.

IMG_20140527_111447 IMG_20140527_111406 IMG_20140527_111523 IMG_20140527_111607

I loved the run so much that when I came back home, I searched for another run and registered for it. Since this run was a 5K run, I signed up for a 10K run for the next one. Even though I’m fairly new to running, I seriously love it! I think I found myself a new hobby 🙂 After the 10K run, I will sign up for a half marathon. My ultimate goal is to run a marathon (and maybe a triathlon) eventually. Hope I can do it!


Back on track.

Good morning! I feel amazing today! HAHA 🙂 I’m still a bit jet-lagged, but I began my morning with a quick workout (resistance training+cardio). Then for breaky, I ate blueberries+bananers chia seed pudding (my fav!!). Why is it so tasty?! I seriously can eat this everyday… It really feels great to be back on track after a month long vacation. I LOVE IT!!

wpid-img_20140505_101928.jpg wpid-img_20140505_102436.jpg


Home Sweet Home & Green juice.

After a month long vacation, I’m finally back home. Although traveling is fun, it’s always great to be back home. However, the first thing I did when I got back was… cleaning the house because my brother made a mess everywhere. Nothing was organized; there were dishes to do and laundry to do. I was a bit angry, and I was definitely tired from the long flight, but looking at the mess stressed me out. I just had to clean! It took me 4 hours.. I knocked out after I drank my green juice. I slept for 12 hours straight. I feel much better today.


I am in KOREA!

Outing to Gangnam.

Today, I spent the entire day at Gangnam with one of my best friends.


She took me to Mies Container for lunch, and we ate sweet potato pizza and pasta salad. The pizza was amazing! LOVED IT!

IMG_20140501_144550 IMG_20140501_144616

Then we stopped by Paul Bassett cafe and grabbed a long black draught.


After that, we watched a movie at megabox; then we ate grilled seafood for dinner.


For dessert, my best friend bought me strawberry mochi.

IMG_20140501_214049 IMG_20140501_214123

I feel like all I did today was EAT. Such a fatty patty LOL.

I am in KOREA!

Roaming around the neighborhood.

It finally stopped raining in Korea. The weather was great, not too cold nor too sunny. It was the perfect day to ride the bike.


My first stop was at yup-dduk. I ate spicy rice cakes again for lunch. I did not know that I was able to choose the level of spiciness. So, this time, I asked them to make mine very spicy. It was good… But, it still wasn’t spicy enough for me 😦


For dessert, I ate vanilla ice cream called “excellent”. These little ones are pretty yummy haha.

IMG_20140430_133619 IMG_20140430_133705